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In recent years, the market for financial operators has undergone deep transformations.


The evolution of accounting standards, both national and international, the use of derivative instruments for hedging, the control of operations in relation to policies, the monitoring of risks and the evolution of the income statement lead to the use of technological solutions innovative, flexible and scalable.

It is no longer possible to manage the finance area with the support of Excel sheets without the IT and Compliance functions being aware of the processes and calculation metrics, and can help ensure efficiency, safety and compliance with regulations and both internal and external standards.

Myrios is an independent software vendor specialized in financial risk management,

characterized by a strong competence on the issues (knowledge of processes, mathematical models, procedures). With many years of experience in finance, Myrios has developed an innovative application platform called Myrios FM® (Financial Modelling).

The system has been designed to meet the needs of both banks and large corporates.

The system has been designed to provide high standards of automation, integrate easily with existing systems and allow the incremental development of projects thanks to its modularity.

The needs, that we meet daily with our customers, and compliance with regulations, are the drivers that guide the development of the system, always in constant growth.

Myrios Story

Myrios was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals with significant experience in the design of software systems for trading desks of financial instruments.


Over the years the company has experienced an organic and constant growth surpassing more than 30 active customers on the product.


Myrios joins the Piteco group in 2018, opening an office in Geneva in 2019.

Why Myrios?

In ancient Greece, myrios represented the largest number associated with a name, also a symbol of countable infinity.


Today Myrios expresses the great wealth of skills resulting from the meeting between a group of professionals who are experts in mathematics, finance and computer engineering.


Myrios is present with operational offices in TurinRome e Geneva
from which it supports its customers in Italy and in Europe.


Corso Fiume,11

10131, TO


Rue François-Perréard 20
1225 Chêne-Bourg

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